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How to screen a Property rental in London for legitness?

How to screen a Property rental in London for legitness?

With the rise in online rental scams in Properties to rent in London, it is important that a property listed for rental purposes is adequately screened, verified, authorised and regulated to avoid mishaps with the local authority. We’ll explore certain safeguards from rental scams in this blog that would assist you in renting an appropriate property and London apartments approved by the local authority. Understanding the process of screening a rental from the start will help you make the best decision when it comes to renting a property.

How to beware of rental scams:

1. Always visit the property:

One must always visit the property you wish to rent either a studio flat to rent in London or 3 bedroom house to rent in London. If you are not available, request a friend or an appointed representative to visit the property on your behalf.

A common excuse scammers candidly state is that they are out of town but wish to immediately lease the property. At times this could also be a genuine reason, hence always remember to request a virtual tour of the property in such scenarios.

2. Always Ask for a written lease agreement:

Always execute a lease agreement with elaborate terms and conditions to enable legal recourse in the event there are any disagreements with the landlord.

3. Lookout for fraudulent listings:

a. If key components such as a full address, photos, availability date, price etc, are not provided, it is more likely that the listing could be fraudulent.

b. When a listing appears to be too good to be true. For instance, you could find an excellent listing at a location of your choice surprisingly at an extremely affordable price that is not in line with the rental pricing of that area.

4. Steer clear of Fake Landlords:

Scammers often pose as landlords listing a property with all the details and demand a hefty deposit immediately and request you move-in at the earliest. Do not fall for the bait otherwise you could catch yourself to be trespassing in a property already leased to somebody else.

5. No Tenant Referencing:

Landlords require a background check that usually includes the right to rent, identity check, employment check, credit score etc. If a landlord does not require any background checks, he is most likely okay to lease it out to any person - even someone with a low credit score which seems suspicious.

6. Free Rental Listings:

Often free rental websites are used by scammers to post their fake listings. This helps them post several fake listings all the time at no cost.

7. Mismatch of photos:

If the photos displayed in the listing are very different from when you actually visit the property then it's a red flag and the landlord cannot be trusted. That is why it is necessary to visit the London apartments you wish to rent either physically or have a virtual tour.

8. Multiple rental ads for the same property:

Often scammers post their fake rental ads on multiple websites to trap several prospective tenants. So avoid such properties.

9. Verify the owner of the rental property:

If you are renting from a landlord directly, always check city records to find out who the real owner of the property is and if the property is registered in England, Financial Conduct and Authority of the Landlords

10. Connect with previous tenants:

It is always a good idea to talk with the previous tenants to know their feedback. Whether it is Studio Flats to rent in London, 1 Bedroom Flat to rent in London, 2 Bedroom flat to rent in London or any property you want to rent in London.

11. Never pay a hefty deposit:

Usually tenants are required to pay a security deposit that is equivalent to 5 weeks rental amount. If you are being asked to deposit an unreasonably high amount, it's most likely a fraudulent listing.

It is important to check the rental property details thoroughly before signing a lease. With these tips, you can rest assured that you'll find the perfect property to rent without any surprises.

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