Our Vision

Renting isn’t a fun process. It’s expensive, frustrating and time consuming.Zibble wants to replace the traditional high street agent experience with a streamlined digital way to rent.We are a tech enabled service which is aimed at making property rentals efficient, cheaper for asset owners and faster for everyone

Passionate user focussed people, powered by technology

Using the power of technology of AI, Zibble connects Central London tenants with amazing places to live and landlords with reliable London tenants.

Better experience

We've invested in R&D to make our web first approach a superior experience. Our goal is to bring renting fully online and offer a cheaper, better experience, for landlords and tenants.

All in one platform

Forget endless face to face appointments, now you can search or list properties, check references, and sign contracts – in one app.
For Tenants

For Tenants

Our platform offers tenants an easy to find rental homes that are curated to their preferences; reducing time searching through homes that don’t quite fit the bill. When ready, tenants can organize viewings, get referenced and create a rental contract directly through the Zibble platform. No fees, calls or time spent waiting. During their tenancy, Zibble allows Tenants to log maintenance requests.

For Landlords

For landlords, we offer a fully integrated rental experience; we help advertise, reference and manage tenancies. Our services are significantly cheaper than alternative offerings and we are fully online, making it easy to manage properties on the go. As the industry transitions away from brick and mortar agents and poor quality rental offerings, Zibble’s building the future of property rentals, one rental at a time.